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Year 4 Camp at Thunderbird Park

With the anticipation of hunting for thunder eggs on our minds, 76 excited Year 4 students accompanied by 6 brave staff headed off for the mountains and two days at Thunderbird Park. For some it was the first time away from home, others were seasoned professionals, but all were keen, energetic and ready for a challenge!

And challenges were delivered! Thunderbird park sits in the Gold Coast hinterland amongst magnificent scenery of trees, creeks and waterways. The park provided a beautiful, natural setting for activities such as the mud course, nature play, thunderegg fossicking and the laser skirmish.

From the teamwork needed during laser skirmish, to the bravery required for the mud course, every student (along with a couple of staff members) faced the tasks with an open mind and a willingness to take a risk. The growth mindset shown by all was rewarded with smiles, cheers and many group hugs as expectations were met, and exceeded.

The staff at Thunderbird Park were warm and friendly. We grew in so many areas through the knowledge and expertise they shared, and we loved the compassionate way they interacted with our students. Any fears from fussy eaters disappeared as we were served delicious meals, tantalising afternoon teas and the most filling breakfast known to camp-kind!

For many of the students (and teachers) the biggest highlight of the camp was our visit from Uncle Boomerang. Uncle Boomerang is a local Indigenous man who led a night talk based around Australian Indigenous history and culture. He shared dreamtime stories, Indigenous tools (which we could hold) and answered all the questions we had. This was a great chance for us to consolidate our learning from our recent unit of inquiry and build upon what we now know about Aboriginal Culture.

Camp is an excellent way for students to move safely out of comfort zones and explore new ideas. Our Play is the Way life-raft ‘Pursue your personal best, no matter who you work with’ was at the forefront, as we interacted with others during the spent time with people from other classes in our cabins. The activities encouraged us to mix with others we usually don’t get the opportunity to work with, sparking the growth of new friendships.

Both Trinity and Thunderbird Park staff alike were impressed by the behaviour of all our students.

We departed after lunch on Tuesday, leaving behind a beautiful experience, but taking with us warm memories and a readiness for more – look out Year 5 camp!

Mr Ludlow, Miss Fawcett and Mrs Dugdale

Year 4 Teachers


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