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Year 12 student, Hannah: Creative Generation Award Winner for Excellence in Visual Art!

In August this year, schools across the South East region participated in the regional exhibition of the 2018 Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art.These awards recognise excellence in Senior Visual Arts and promote the high standard of artwork being achieved in Queensland schools. The student works selected for inclusion from Trinity Lutheran College this year were created by talented visual arts students, Hannah Meyer, Ruby Rutherford and Kasey Evans, all current Year 12 students, and Max Williams a current Year 11 student.

This year Hannah Meyer was awarded 1 of only 38 Creative Generation Awards for Excellence in Visual Art for her work titled ‘Interconnected’. Hannah’s work was selected from over 500 works nominated for the awards from over 15,000 Visual Art students across Queensland schools. We congratulate Hannah on this outstanding achievement. Her work will be included in the Creative Generations Exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane early in 2019 along with the 38 works of the award recipients from across Queensland.

Hannah Meyer

artist statement;

I explored aspects of identity and what means we use to identify a particular person amongst others. It occurred to me that this is only possible when we look at people in relation to each other, rather than concentrating on one person, and that how we generally see individual people is side by side with others. It is in this situation that we see the difference and sameness of everyone all at the same time. I have communicated this simultaneous nature of identity by constructing a fingerprint and photographing it to appear as many separate but connected individuals.


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