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Year 12 Retreat 2020

What a great way to start the year for the graduating class of 2020!

The Year 12 Retreat of 2020 was a success on many levels, with the cohort leaving the three-day adventure as a united, cohesive and focused group, determined to maximise the many opportunities that will come their way over the course of the next 10 months. Throughout the retreat, the students were grouped in Form Classes which provided an opportunity to galvanise class bonds, whilst participating in challenging team-based activities. One of the highlights over the three days was the flying fox; a 300-meter journey over the picturesque Sunshine Coast countryside. Some students overcame their fear of heights whilst others threw caution to the wind, traversing the distance with ‘no hands’ and hanging upside down. Other activities included beach-based challenges, ropes courses, trust exercises and team problem solving. We were very fortunate to be blessed with top class Luther Heights staff who provided excellent guidance and support throughout the session activities. Thank you to the following members of staff: Mr Wiebusch, Mr Unsworth, Mrs Moore-Carter and Ms. Clements for joining their form classes on the retreat and to Mr Qualischefski who joined the retreat on Tuesday. It is hoped that the enthusiasm, optimism and unity that was common throughout the retreat, will continue to be a common thread throughout the year for our graduating class of 2020.

Mr David Howells,

Head of Year 12


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