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Year 11 Biology – Hastings Point Field Trip

In Week 3 the Year 11 Biology students had the opportunity to learn about Ecology the best way possible, by leaving the classroom and experiencing the natural environment of Hastings Point. Over the two day camp students learnt about the sand dune, rocky shore and mangrove environments. They explored how human impacts affect these ecosystems and why they are so important for us to look after.

“We had a lot of fun doing things such as snorkelling and kayaking while learning all about the rich biodiversity of the area. Despite the cold water, snorkelling was such a fun experience and we got to see a range of animals such as Wobbegongs, Octopi, Starfish and many species of fish. Overall, it was a really fun and meaningful way to learn about the interconnectedness of the ecosystems and the effect that human development is having on our Earth.” Emma Siddle

“Year 11 Biology camp was very memorable. The lectures were very informative. It was great to get out of the classroom, and get our feet in the sand or have a swim amongst nature.“ Thomas Barry

“By experiencing ecology out of the classroom, we had the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity located in this tiny area whilst also learning about how human development is effecting not only the animals but also the Earth.” Madeline White


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