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Year 10 Learning CPR to Save Lives

As part of the Year 10 Health and Physical Education (HPE) course at Trinity, students are provided with the opportunity to learn Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or, CPR as it is more commonly known. The theory and practical course also includes training on how to use a Defibrillator, which delivers an electric current to the heart for cardiac dysrhythmias. Defibrillators are now commonly found in schools, shopping centres, surf clubs, and major venues.

The Year 10 students participating in this course have learned critical life skills, equipping them with the knowledge and techniques to potentially save the lives of others. Ruby (Year 10) said, “I chose to do the course as I think it is a valuable skill to learn and you never know when you may need it." Another student Chelsea agreed, stating “It seemed smart to learn CPR as you never know what may happen” and, after further thought added, "I would like to work with children in the future and be able to help my family if they were ever in trouble”.

Mr Luke Ryan, owner and instructor of First Aid GC, was very impressed with the Trinity students and their level of enthusiasm. He also commented that many of the students showed better technique compared to the teachers he trains!

As we approach summer and swimming season commences, there is never a better time to learn CPR. A recent report stated that less than 5% of students under 18 years of age are trained in first aid and CPR. Aspiring to study medicine when he graduates in Year 12, James (Year 10) expressed the view “it is a good life skill [for everyone] to have”. Mr Mackay, Mr Mason and Mr Bell, teachers of 10HPE congratulated Year 10 on completing their unit of work this term in First Aid with Mr Mackay stating “this was the perfect way to finish off the excellent work Year 10 have been doing”


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