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What Makes Prep at Trinity Unique?


Prep at Trinity Lutheran College provides children with an experience like no other. Our dedicated and passionate group of experienced Prep teachers work collaboratively to develop dynamic learning experiences that engage every learner. Trinity teachers understand that a teacher’s relationship with their students fundamentally shapes the way children think and act at school. Our Prep teachers spend time forging strong bonds with students, working and encouraging each child to achieve their own personal best. The safe and supportive environment created by our teachers enables every student to thrive, flourish and succeed.


Our newly designed Prep classrooms provide agile and flexible learning spaces for students to learn in. From desks to pillow beds to beanbags to wobble chairs, there is furniture designed to accommodate all learning experiences and cater to each child’s individual style of learning. Early in the Prep year, teachers and students work collaboratively together to determine what furniture is best suited to each type of learning experience. For example, students know that they must complete a handwriting task at a desk and chair. The flexible learning spaces allow the students to have more choice of where and how they learn, and this in turn promotes students to become independent and self-managed learners.


Prep students at Trinity participate in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The PYP is a curriculum framework for teaching and learning. It is an inquiry-based learning approach, appropriate for young learners, encouraging students to investigate in collaboration with others during six transdisciplinary units. Throughout these six units, we introduce students to various elements of numeracy, literacy, technology, geography, history and science. Rather than delivering information, teachers co-construct meaning with students and guide them to develop their own understandings. Throughout the year students inquire into feelings, how we are all unique and special, community needs, water, Indigenous culture and how forces make things move and work. In the IB PYP and all other areas of the curriculum, our Prep teachers develop student relationships ensuring learning is differentiated in order to meet the needs of every student.


At Trinity Lutheran College, The Gospel is at the heart of everything we do. In Prep, we begin each day with a morning devotion, sharing a story from the Bible, singing a song and lighting a candle for prayer. Through our morning devotions and Chapel each Friday our students learn about the Lutheran Core Values of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation. The Christian values and principles woven into who we are and engrained in us as a community guide our students, giving them a strong ethical foundation and a moral compass for life.


Throughout their first year of formal schooling, Prep students at Trinity participate in various specialist lessons. These include weekly visits to the library and specialist music, physical education, Japanese and swimming lessons in the purpose built Junior Years campus pool in Term 4. Additionally the college STEAM program provides Prep students with opportunities to plan, design and create as well as explore digital technologies including iPads, beebots and many more. Book Week Character Parade, Fun Run, Athletics Carnival and the Swimming Fun Morning are some additional activities enjoyed by our Prep students.


Our teachers know that one of the most important factors affecting a child’s performance in school is their parent’s involvement in their education. To support this the Prep teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis, posting a weekly blog on the Parent Portal informing families about important information relating to the upcoming week and sharing highlights. The Prep teachers develop strong partnerships with each Trinity family ensuring they can work together to ensure the social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs of each child are met.

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