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We LOVE welcoming alumni back to Trinity!

Hannah Roscoe graduated from Trinity in 2009 and we were so delighted to welcome her back to Trinity in a professional capacity. Hannah is a Success Coach, Educator and Presenter and her focus is on teaching business & social etiquette skills, deportment, mindset, career planning and goal setting. She recently facilitated a workshop with our Year 6 boys and girls and, in the words of Mrs Dobson, Head of Year 6, "Hannah is wise beyond her years and as an alumnus of Trinity Lutheran College we were so honoured to engage Hannah in a workshop with our young girls aspiring to be young women, and likewise coach our young boys in their manners and etiquette to grow into young men. Hannah’s class, exuberant demeanour and broad and colourful life experiences gave our students a glimpse of future opportunities. "

We also got to catch up with Hannah and learn a little more about what she has been up to since graduation as well as the role Trinity has played in her journey. We hope you enjoy her story...

When did you attend and graduate from Trinity?

I attended Trinity from 1996 in prep and graduated in 2009.

Tell us about yourself (Academic Qualifications & Achievements).

I was on both an Academic and Performing Arts scholarship from year 5 – 12 at Trinity. I was Stephan Cultural Captain, and a Prefect. I graduated with a gold academic achievement award (top 10% of the class) and was Dux of both Drama and Dance. While at Trinity I also obtained my Trinity College of London Performers Certificate, through private Speech and Drama classes. I have since graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Entertainment Industries.

Tell us something about your family/home life and your interests other than your career.How do maintain your work-life balance?

I’ve been lucky in that my work since graduating has enabled me to have an amazing work/life balance, as I’ve always been lucky enough to travel for work. Now, having returned to the Gold Coast, I have created a lifestyle where work and pleasure go hand in hand, and I am in complete control of my schedule.My partner also owns his own business, so we are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time working together and spending time with one another and our families. It’s so important to build a life you love. My main focus is my business, however I also enjoy travelling, learning new skills, yoga, meditation, shopping and beauty therapy.

What are some of your fondest memories of your time at Trinity?

My fondest memories of my time at Trinity would be anything to do with the Performing Arts. Whether it be dance performances, drama performances, cheerleading, musicals or Battle of the Bands. I was blessed to have formed some valued and lasting relationships with my teachers, and I appreciate their continued friendship and mentorship. I valued my extra curricular activities but I’m also a self confessed English and English Extension geek. I learnt so much from those classes and that has enabled my successes in my chosen career. Furthermore, it’s been eight years since graduating and my best friends are still those that I shared a primary school classroom with!

What do you believe makes Trinity a great school?

I believe Trinity is a great school because of its sense of community and compassion towards students, teachers and families alike. Trinity was very supportive of individual development and always encouraged personal achievement and excellence. The level of care and communication between teachers and students was always exceptional. Trinity’s support for wider co-curricular opportunities was so beneficial to my own career path.

Please briefly describe what have you been up to since graduating from Trinity - how did you start your career and how has your professional journey been so far?

Upon graduating from Trinity I had an amazing gap year where I worked for an international cruise line (Norwegian Cruise Line) in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, as an Entertainment Host. I then returned home to obtain my degree, during which time I freelanced in live television production as Production Coordinator and Floor Manager for IMG Productions in Asia and Australia. Once I graduated, I moved to Sydney to work as Associate Producer on Logie Nominated E! television series Fashion Bloggers. Following that, I returned to the Cruise Line industry as Entertainment Production Manager and Company Manager, managing up to 70 cast members, entertainers and technical staff for major on-board theatrical productions.

I’ve since returned home to the Gold Coast and now own my own business – Hannah Lea

My business a personal and professional learning development academy offering uniquely devised workshops in areas of Speech Communication, Grooming and Deportment and Media Skills and Presenting and Career Planning. The workshops are ultimately designed to develop confidence and etiquette and prepare students for their journeys into the professional cosmos.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My greatest personal achievement would be shaving my head and raising $5500 for World’s Greatest Shave in 2014. Professionally, my greatest achievements have been reflected in my career path, and entering high level management roles at a very young age. Most recently it has been establishing my business. I am so passionately proud of and committed to it’s continued success.

How did your experiences at Trinity (e.g., academic studies, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care) prepare you for life after school and for your planned future career?

Everything was a stepping-stone, academics and extra-curricular activities, to discovering my strengths and abilities in my chosen career. They taught me the fundamentals of effective communication, interpersonal techniques, teamwork, time management and cultural awareness.

What are your future aspirations?

I hope to develop and expand my business. I also hope to publish a book next year.

What role can the Alumni play in the success and development of Trinity Lutheran College?

Alumni are still able to relate to current students, we’re not that old – yet! We absolutely understand their challenges at school and what they’re experiencing. I feel it would be beneficial to have opportunities where current students can speak to and engage with us in an open forum. Whilst Trinity always provides considerable care, unfortunately some students don’t have a support network at home, and we as Alumni can assist in answering questions and providing personal and professional guidance.

Advice to students who aspire to succeed?

Seek out opportunities; you never know where they may lead you. Network and make connections now, take advantage of your resources. If you want it bad enough, you will naturally work hard enough. And above all, don’t stress! Wonderful things are on your horizon; you will succeed, so enjoy the journey.

What message would you like to give to the present Trinity students as well as the Alumni?

Sending love and light to all, I hope that every one is following their bliss. Keep writing your extraordinary story.

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