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Trinity Foundation Business Breakfast.

The Friends of Trinity College Foundation is responsible for connecting past and current students, parents and care-givers, faculty, community members, as well as local and national business and industry to come together to assist the College in meaningful ways. The Foundation ensures a world-class Trinity education; transforming lives and empowering young people to use their learning, gifts and talents to make a difference in the community and in the world; building a relationship lasting from Pre-Prep to Year 12 and into adult life.

We are so appreciative of the 150 amazing supporters of Trinity who gathered together at The Club @ Parkwood Village yesterday morning for the Foundation's first, and wonderfully successful, Business Breakfast. We were privileged to listen to guest speakers Darryl Kelly and Rebecca Frizelle who are co-owners of the Gold Coast Titans in an atmosphere that was warm, welcoming and relaxed, totally in keeping with Trinity’s inimitable community culture and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed the event. A big thank-you to our sponsors Colliers International, Tyler International, Morris Medical, Greenroom Building Co, Burling Brown, Families in Focus, Captivate and Axis Optical by George & Matilda Eyecare.

Stay tuned for our next Business Breakfast which will be advertised under the Trinity Foundation tab on our website and on the Trinity Foundation Facebook group.


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