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To be Healthy as a Whole, Mental Wellness Plays a Role

In any given year 20% of the population is experiencing mental health issues, 45% in their lifetime. Mental Health Week (8-14 October) is the perfect time to have an open discussion on mental health. The week is a prompt to connect with the people around us and see how they are doing. Questions such as ‘How are you going? Would you like any help/support?’ can let the person know you care and are keen to help. You don’t have to have all the answers to their problems, just being there for someone and showing you care is extremely helpful. You should not neglect your own mental health. Questions such as ‘How am I feeling? Have I been looking after myself? Are there any stressors in my life, and what help can I access?’ can help you to check in with yourself. If you feel like some help/support, please reach out to someone you can talk to like family, friends, doctors, counsellors and helplines. Some healthy, self-care activities include exercise, getting enough sleep, healthy eating and meditation/mindfulness activities.

There are lots of events happening at Trinity Lutheran College for Mental Health Week. We encourage all students to engage with these activities.

Wellness programme – mindfulness activities

Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th in the art block/library

Information booth with leaflets regarding Mental Health issues

Wednesday 18th

Year level activities in PC

Year 9 & 10 Brain Storm Productions – Cheap thrills

Wednesday 18th

PC & Period 1

Live music on the grass

Wednesday 18th Lunchtime

Relaxation activities at lunchtime on the grass

Thursday 19th Lunchtime

Healthy foods –

Healthy drinks and protein balls in The Pineapple Cafe

Thursday 19th


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