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The Year 7 Camp Goodenough Experience!

Building leadership, independence, resilience and inclusiveness were the goals for Year 7 camp as we left ‘normal’ life behind us for three nights and headed off to Camp Goodenough in Bilambil, NSW on Monday 13 August.

Camp Goodenough was an incredible experience. The friendly camp instructors greeted us as we set foot on the campsite. We needed to do a number of activities over the four days we were there, and we had to work as a team to complete the tasks given to us. Activities included the Crate Stack, Giant Swing, High Ropes, Team Obstacle, Giant’s Playground, Leap of Faith, Team Pursuit and Billy Carts. My personal favourite was the Leap of Faith, which involved jumping off a number of heights, including 4-meter, 5-meter, 7-meter, 9-meter and the 12-meter. Despite being scared of heights, I conquered my fear and jumped. This was the same for many other students. I learnt to face and overcome my fears at camp for which I am very grateful.

Troy Heron

Camp Goodenough was amazing, we did eight activities and they were all so much fun.The Giant Swing was by far the best activity, followed closely by Crate Stack. The food was definitely better than I expected and included nachos, a two-course breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea and a two-course dinner along with lots more. We also did some great evening activities that included building the tallest tower using fifty straws and trying to get an Oreo from your forehead into your mouth. The cabins were spacious and everyone had a comfortable bed. We played a game called Frog Dodge.The object of the game was to get people out by using only your hand to hit the ball into their legs while they did the same to you. It was very funny. I will never forget going on the Giant Swing and soaring eighteen meters high over a cliff, it was definitely my hardest challenge. The best part about camp was having these opportunities to push myself to do things that I thought I could never achieve. The staff at the camp were extremely kind and cared for our safety.Camp was also a great opportunity to meet new friends and get to work with different peers. Overall this camp was one of the best camps I have ever attended and I would like to thank our teachers and the staff at Camp Goodenough for providing this wonderful experience.

Patrick Martin

On Monday the 13th of August, Year 7 embarked on a memorable journey to Camp Goodenough. Each day we had a packed schedule of incredible activities, meals and fun times with our peers. We completed activities such as, Crate Stack, Giant Swing, High Ropes, Team Obstacle, Giant’s Playground, Leap of Faith, Team Pursuit and Billy Carts. Every activity taught us more about what we are capable of achieving. We learnt about persistence, responsibility, focus, hard work, problem solving, to be independent and of course, teamwork. Through each activity, we were encouraged to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and to try new things. I believe as a cohort we definitely did this and overcame our fears, challenges and obstacles together. Each evening we had fun activities planned that gave us an opportunity to bond with each other outside of our day groups. On the first evening, we had trivia, on the second, games, and on the third evening, we had movie night. Over the four-day period we had the opportunity to build new relationships with our peers, teachers and group instructors and by the end of camp everyone knew a little bit more about one another. My highlight from camp was the Team Pursuit activity because I learnt about how enjoyable it was working collaboratively rather than individually. I am so grateful for the privilege of going to camp and learning so much about my peers and myself. Cannot wait for next year!

Annabelle Godfrey

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Camp Goodenough. All the staff were incredibly welcoming and kind, and made sure we made memories that will last us a lifetime. I found that the activities were even better than I could have imagined. They involved teamwork, resilience, trust, and personal strength and allowed you to believe that you could jump off a pole, or swing that high. The highlight for me was Leap of Faith.I definitely challenged myself jumping off a six-metre high platform during Leap of Faith. My team provided great mental and physical support and I fully trusted that they would not let me fall. My favourite part of the leap was floating down like an angel and the adrenaline rush of jumping off. Year Seven Camp was definitely amazing, and the lessons learnt and memories made will be with me forever. Camp Goodenough was way beyond Good Enough!

Poppy Ral-Towson 7-3


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