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The Wonderful Wizard of OZ!

Sunday August 6th, 2017 saw Trinity Lutheran College Performing Arts department embark on a truly massive challenge – the staging of the much loved musical “The Wizard of Oz”. After 2 years of planning and a year of rehearsing, 350 talented and hard-working students from Prep all the way through to Year 12 took to the stage and performed what our audience have proclaimed as the best show in the history of the college! The cast and crew worked tirelessly to perform two back to back shows to an audience of 1400, enjoying standing ovations at both SOLD OUT shows.The performing arts department are thrilled that the show was so beautifully received, appreciated and celebrated by the entire Trinity community.There is no doubt that as a passionate team of performing artists, each year we grow stronger, each year we build on the wonderful foundations of those that have gone before us, each year we dream bigger, strive harder, push further, expect more of ourselves and each other, and each year we realise that we can actually reach the stars. As a cast and crew, we surpassed even our own expectations and staged a truly magical musical that was without a doubt, a professional show, despite a cast that ranged in age from only 5 years old to 17 years of age.The sets were spectacular, the costumes were stunning, the aerial components were breathtaking, the music, dancing, singing and acting were exceptional, Toto was a gorgeous and well behaved real dog and we even made it snow all over the audience!! Yet again, Trinity Lutheran College cemented itself as the best performing arts school not just on the Gold coast, but in the state and we are so proud and so excited that as a team we achieved everything we set out to do and so much more!

Every single cast member should feel an incredible sense of achievement as they were all integral to staging this amazing production. The College celebrates their hard work, creativity, talent, passion and drive to be the best performers they could possibly be – they danced, sung, played their instruments and created their characters like true professionals, and as a college, we salute every one of them. We are also so appreciative of our stage crew, the students that painted props and sets and so many more who were fundamental to the success of the show! The students are truly exceptional performers, and young men and woman who will use all the skills they used in staging this musical in whatever they set their minds to in the future.The cast certainly owned the stage and cast, crew and the audience will surely remember their journey to Oz for many years to come.

This production would not have been possible without an exceptional group of performing arts teachers. They gave this production their all, time away from their families, long hours, pushing themselves to take on challenges they hadn't done before, working as a committed team of performing arts educators who always held the highest expectations for this show and then provided the scaffolding to support the students in reaching new heights of artistic growth.This team of teachers are generous, talented, hard working, hilarious and a little bit crazy and we at Trinity are so privileged to have them!

So along with the exceptional students we salute:

Mrs Dobson- Co-artistic Director of the entire show and stage manager extraordinaire.

Mr Petty – our amazing Musical Director of the show.

The talented Mrs Humm - Choreography Director and ably assisted by Miss Cintia.

Mrs Moore-Carter – our wonderful Acting Director for the show!

Mrs Breen and Mrs Reddrop –our incredible Chorus Directors.

Mrs Macmichael & Mrs Breen – the talented ladies responsible for every stunning costume you saw on that stage!

And last but certainly not least – Ms Scott who did the entire administration for this massive undertaking, the program design and was part of the worlds greatest stage crew.

A big thank you too to Mr Mackenzie, Mrs Pert and Mrs Duncan who were integral in creating the most beautiful sets we have ever used and the entire PASG committee including an army of exceptional parent volunteers who assisted in so many ways.

We also thank the array of teachers who assisted in various capacities backstage and finally the 1400 members of the Trinity community who supported the Performing Arts and attended either shows. Performing in front of two sell out crowds was a dream for all involved!!

We certainly will remember our magical journey to Oz for a very long time and we look forward to dreaming big for our next major production in 2 years time!! Congratulations to everyone involved on an exceptional 2017 production of “The Wizard of Oz”.

Cherie Smith – Producer/Artistic Director – Wizard of Oz

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