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The Value in Adventure!

Early on Monday morning 28 May, our Year 8s set off on their Trinity outdoor education adventure - a 4 day camp at Camp Kokoda. Students and teachers braved the chilly conditions at Maroon Dam to participate in a range of “challenge by choice” activities as well as daily hiking, canoeing, camp set up and cooking dinner over an open fire.On Thursday afternoon, parents were greeted with exhausted, but smiling faces, some students dressed in the same attire they had left in! Their recollections, captured below, illustrate clearly the individual growth each student gained from the experience as well as the heaps of fun they had.

Miss Kimlin, Ms McAuley, Mr Thompson, Mr Andonovski, Mrs Williams, Mr Togher (camp teachers.)

Student reflections:

I enjoyed cooking over an open fire because we don’t do it often and it was nice to sit around with friends. – Sheldon

When we were at camp we didn’t have the energy to worry about what we looked like so we didn’t have a ‘makeup mask’ on and we didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else. Throughout the camp experience we learned to not be afraid of who we are, we were allowed to be ourselves. – Tigerlily

I achieved success when I abseiled off a cliff as I can barely stand at the top of a ladder. I felt like I could do anything after I accomplished this. - Jack

I enjoyed the canoe the most. It was hard to row a canoe, and I wanted to stop. But the view looked so good, and even though it made me nervous, it was more fun. I liked being able to do it with my friends. -Daniel

I enjoyed cooking because you got to work as a team, and it felt good after you made something. – Lucio

I feel that I have grown as a person since coming back from camp because I am helping around the house more as well as helping others around me more. Additional information: Don’t pack more than you need. – Bellina

When we walked up the mountain I struggled and I really didn’t think I could do it, which is why I grew mentally: now I know I can do it. – Byron

After I finished the giant swing I felt a sense of accomplishment because it was scary being that high up in the air. – Jaidyn

At the start of the camp my group hiked up the mountain with all of our equipment in our bags on our backs. We were half way up and our calves were burning but everyone supported and encouraged each other, and we walked as a team. – Katy

I loved the giant ladder where we were assigned a partner that we didn’t have a strong relationship with. This was a great activity to test team-work, communication and trust skills. – Emily


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