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The Annual Rowing Awards Dinner

The Annual Rowing Awards Dinner was held in the Robert Hoff Hall last Friday night , with all rowers and their families celebrating the very successful 2017 rowing season. The night was filled with a great balance of humour, applauding excellence, showing gratitude and some impressive music by our Senior Students. A special thank you to the Rowing Supporters Group for their tireless preparation and co-ordination of the event. Congratulations to departing Captains David and Gemma for their passionate and devoted leadership of the Trinity Rowing Program throughout 2017. Beyond this, to the graduating Year 12 rowers and their families, a sincere thank you for your excellent contribution and stewardship of the Trinity Rowing Program. You will be missed; however, the program is in good hands with many committed and devoted rowers throughout the junior and lower senior years. Finally, thank you to Mrs. Wong, Mr. Petty and Mr. Mason for their attendance on the night and their support of the Trinity Rowing Program.

Thank you to Shanon Quinn Photography for the wonderful photos that capture the fun and festivities of the evening so beautifully.

Congratulations to the following 2017 Rowing Award Winners, along with the 2018 Rowing Captains:

Rowing Awards

Most Successful Under 14 Girl: Abby West

Most Successful Under 14 Boy: Ermin Gugic

Most Successful Under 15 Girl: Dhruvi Patel

Most Successful Under 15 Boy: Travis Farmer

Most Successful Under 16 Girl: Hannah Lind

Most Successful Under 17 Girl: Matilda Amor

Most Successful Under 17 Boy: Ben Sims

Most Successful Open Girl Award: Amelia Maxwell

Most Successful Open Boy Award: Nick Lockhart

Joint Most Successful Quad - Year 8: Lucas Cherrier, Travis Farmer, Mathew Kerr, Daniel Lind, Fletcher Day

Joint Most Successful Quad - Open Quad: Ben Sims; Lachlan Swan, Nicholas Lockhart, David Morton, Max Way, Ken Carter, Cassandra Duncan

Most Successful Double: Ben Sims/ Lachlan Swan

Most Successful Girls Pair: Matilda Amor/ Lilian Goldie

National and Interregional Coxes Award: Cassandra Duncan

Special Awards

Samuel Duncan Award: Lilian Goldie

Unwavering Commitment to Rowing Award: Cassandra Duncan

Most Improved - The Jenny Pemberton Award: Joshua Milne

Rowing Captains 2018

Matilda Amor and Lilian Goldie

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