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Terrific Tallebudgera Teamwork

In Term 1 our Year 5 students spent an exciting three days at Tallebudgera Active Recreation Centre. Our camps reinforce our focus on wellbeing and personal development and the goal of the Year 5 camp is to build leadership, independence, inclusiveness and the value of working as team.

"We felt the sweltering hot warmth of the bright sunshine as we arrive at Tallebudgera Recreation Centre. Whoosh as the students race to their cabins and unpack their suitcases. The excitement was brewing as we made our way to our first activities.

A small shiver ran up our spines as we regrettably look down, 22m down. “3, 2, 1. PULL” The instructor yelled and we quickly tugged the blue ball. “AHHHH” we screamed as we went flying through the air. SWISH, SWISH as we rub our hands against the metal boards in team rescue. Rope burns all over our hands as we abseil to the ground. SPLASH my paddle glided through the water as we canoed around the creek. Our team spirit was infectious as we encouraged each other to step outside our comfort zone.

We refuelled our bodies by enjoyed meal time and catching up with our friends. “Mmm smells like a crunchy, huge plate of burgers and chips, yummy.” The fun didn’t stop here…

The sun set but our camp spirit stayed high. Trivia night saw us communicating with our peers and sharing our knowledge. Next we formed a group of 10 people and started dancing, playing games and having fun. Who would have thought, we could stack 7 dice on a paddle pop stick in our mouth?

As much as we enjoyed being risk-takers and challenging ourselves, it was time to head back home. We thanked our instructors, packed our suitcases in the bus and made our way back to school. “IT WAS AMAZING but sadly, all good things come to an end.” – Ryan Hitschler

I challenged myself when I did the giant swing because I’m terrified of heights” – Lola Hendry

It was the best Year 5 camp ever.” – Chloe Jeanneret-Gris

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