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Starting Prep at Trinity Lutheran College

Starting formal schooling is a big step for little people. It can be quite daunting for both parents and children. We have an incredibly talented mum at Trinity, Michelle Macwhirter, who came up with the idea of a "Starting Prep at Trinity" book for children as a way to alleviate some of the anxiety our new little preppies may be feeling prior to their first day. Michelle is mum to two girls (Year 3 and Prep) at Trinity. She wrote the book from scratch using her own experience and talent, and another talented Trinity mum, photographer Jannene Meyer took photos of some of our own 2017 preppies to match the story line. We had the book professionally designed and printed and we are delighted with and very proud of the end product. It is going to be a fantastic educational tool for our littlest Trinity students before the start of each year as it can:

  • be read at home prior to starting school
  • help alleviate any stress about starting school
  • help the child understand what will happen at school
  • familiarise the child with school locations, uniforms etc via the photographs
  • educate parents about what to expect
  • provide a springboard for at-home discussion between parent and child

A VERY big thank-you to Jannene, Mrs Thistlethwaite and all the staff, parents and students involved and most especially to Michelle for creating this beautiful book. Trinity really does have the most amazing, supportive community!

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