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Service Learning in Action at Trinity!

Service-learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs. Service learning requires students to use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs and the chosen activity integrates with the school’s academic curriculum and content, which allows students to reflect on their service experiences after they complete them.

Service learning allows students to:

  • Develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, decision making, collaboration and communication
  • Build positive relationships with community members
  • Connect their experiences to academic subjects
  • Develop a deeper understanding of themselves and empathy and respect for others
  • Apply their energy and creativity to community needs
  • Increase public awareness of key social issues

In Prep, our children have been learning about water, water conservation and water scarcity in parts of the world. They learnt that in some parts of the world, people have to walk a long way to get the water they need to survive. Our Prep students recently went on a water walk to experience how it feels to walk a long way, carrying heavy buckets of water. The children were sponsored for completing the walk and together raised over $1000. That’s enough to buy two open wells through the Australian Lutheran World Service Gifts of Grace Program. Fantastic effort Prep G and Prep J!

Homeless Connect allows Gold Coasters who are homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless to get in touch with a variety of community services, including health and wellbeing, legal advice and counselling. Those who attend have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of benefits including haircuts, manicures and other essential services. Some of our Year 11 students attended the Homeless Connect Day at Metricon Stadium yesterday to bring donations from our Trinity community to those Gold Coasters who are most in need. This is another wonderful service learning opportunity for our students, especially given the rise of youth homelessness in Australia and helps them to develop a deeper appreciation of the privileges and opportunities they enjoy.

Service learning is an amazing way for our students to learn about fundamental concepts such as giving and collaborating and can benefit students of all ages as each lesson is created to be appropriate for the age of the child, fitting in with their developmental stage and skills. It not only prepares your child in the classroom, but gives them valuable insights into the community and practical application of their knowledge in the real world. In turn, it helps them to not only be successful adults, but good people.


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