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Choosing a career is definitely no easy task. There is no 'one size fits all' and it is important for young people to study and pursue a career in an area they feel passionate about rather than choosing one just because it is a field that is highly recognised and acknowledged by society. At Trinity Lutheran College we expose our students early to a wide and diverse range of disciplines with passionate and dedicated teachers across every area. This allows each student to explore and develop his/her own unique passions and areas of excellence.

Within Australia, the restaurant industry alone is worth $12 billion a year, but hospitality jobs are definitely not restricted to just this industry. Hotels, cruise ships and conference centres all need staff and positions run from entry level, all the way up to management. There is also of course, a multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs in this profession from event management to food styling to the entertainment industry (think MasterChef) and beyond. And, as the tourism, restaurant and leisure industries grow, more positions will be created, ensuring great job choice and stability.

Our senior students who study Hospitality at Trinity have incredible opportunities to develop and showcase their skills and talents. Throughout the course of each year, the students are required to use the skills they learn and from time to time, even practice on paying customers! This can be rather daunting but nerves soon pass and they always quickly find their feet; as was the case at the Trinity Church Community Dinner last Thursday night. Throughout the course of last Thursday, years 10, 11 and 12 Hospitality students were all fully responsible for preparing for this event. Turning our Pineapple Cafe (which is open in the school restaurant every Tuesday and Thursday at morning tea and lunch), into a fine dining restaurant was the task at hand and every student worked diligently and enthusiastically to achieve this. The year 12 class served the dinner guests with professionalism, style and personality in abundance and guests delighted in the lamb shanks and chicken roulades which were unquestionably of fine dining quality.

Each year a team of 2 to 4 Hospitality students from years 10 and 12 prepare to compete in the State and International Culinary Championships. Last year we enjoyed outstanding success with both our junior (Kirra Lobb and Natalie Kliedon) and senior (Gemma Harris and Ellise McCully) teams winning their respective divisions. Gemma and Ellise then went on to compete in the International Competition, winning a silver medal. On Saturday 27 May 2017, Gemma and Ellise are off again to defend their title as they compete in the 2017 State Culinary Championships. We wish them both every success for their preparations and, of course, competition day. We look forward to hearing the results


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