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Pursuing His Passion - Meet 2018 Trinity Graduate Jayden Little

We take enormous pride in our alumni and love to celebrate their accomplishments. Their success is a reflection of our pursuit of personal excellence so it was really exciting to welcome past student Jayden Little, to our Year 10 Advanced STEAM class yesterday. Jayden discussed the pathway he took to secure a four year mechanical apprenticeship with Volvo, McLaren and Aston Martin. He spoke about creating a video CV instead of using the traditional format as a way of standing out against other applicants, and of his life long love of cars. It was fascinating to listen to him speak in great detail about both the mechanical and engineering aspects of the cars he works on - he is clearly incredibly passionate about his job. He gave our students great advice, answered numerous questions from the class and generously gave his time to do a short Q&A for us - hope you enjoy the read!

When did you attend and graduate from Trinity?

I started Prep at Trinity in 2006 and graduated from Year 12 in 2018 with an OP10 and multiple school based Cert qualifications.

Tell us something about your interests outside of work. What do you enjoying doing in your down time?

I enjoy going out with my mates and spending time out on the boat.

What are some of your fondest memories of your time at Trinity?

I always enjoyed all the sporting events and carnivals, especially in Year 12 - the year of the 'lasts' - the atmosphere at these events was awesome. I also really enjoyed my Year 12 Formal.

What do you believe makes Trinity a great school?

Trinity's class sizes are smaller so you get proper mentoring from your teacher. The biggest stand out for me is returning to Trinity two years after graduating and being recognised by every teacher and made to feel as welcome as if I were still a student here.

Please briefly describe what have you been up to since graduating from Trinity - how did you start your career and how has your professional journey been so far?

After graduating, I was really fortunate to be offered an Australian apprenticeship with Volvo, Aston Martin and McLaren Cars. It has always been my dream to work and be around cars like these. I am currently enrolled in a Cert 3 in Automotive Technology through Volvo Corporation and employed by the Frizelle’s Sunshine Group. For the last 18 months I have done extensive learning on the mechanical engineering components of high powered vehicles.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement in my career so far is being recognised as one of the top achieving apprentices within my current class of apprentices.

How did your experiences at Trinity (e.g. academic studies, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care) prepare you for life after school and for your planned future career?

The interpersonal skills I developed at Trinity have been especially beneficial to me. These skills afforded me the confidence to present myself and interview successfully and also to deal effectively with the wide variety of clients we service.

What are your future aspirations?

My goal for the next 5-10 years is to complete all my manufacturer training and to then move into a management role within the business i.e Chief Operating Officer or Group Service Manager.

What message would you like to give to the present Trinity students?

When you eventually graduate and start pursuing your career of choice make sure your resume stands out from the crowd, not just the information in it, but the way you present it. Don't be afraid to make face to face contact with anyone already in the industry and establish connections - do whatever it takes to pursue your dream job.


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