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Mulgrew Miller, a Jazz pianist said, “Jazz is one of the few things you can do in society and express yourself freely and creatively” and our Prep and Year 1 dance ensemble, Jazzettes, and our Middle Years Jazz Ensemble, certainly demonstrate this.

Jazzettes dance ensemble is made up of our youngest dancers, in either Prep or Year 1. This group of little performers definitely pulled out all the stops for their connected project performance of “Will you be my girl” and proved that they are the future stars of Trinity's performing arts dance program. The ensemble logged in weekly to dance along with their very talented ensemble directors, Ms Cintia de Marchi and Mrs Mandi Traecey and show off their dancing prowess.

Our older instrumental students in the Middle Years Jazz Ensemble proved that a little bit of determination, hard work and a lot of talent pays dividends, evident in their fantastic performance of “Chameleon”, under the marvelous direction Mr Eddie Bray.

No matter what Covid-19 throws at us, the Performing Arts family will always be able to find ways to express ourselves “freely and creatively”.

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