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Our Year 8s choice for Australian of the Year

Last week some of our Year 8 students were tasked with looking at Australian Citizens of the Year and what it means to be a good citizen and role model. The students then had to nominate and write about a person from their community who they believed exemplified the criteria. Many chose to write about one of their teachers and it was incredibly rewarding and heart-warming for these teachers to read about the positive impact they have on our students. We have chosen a few to share with you below:

Mr Breese

Mr Breese is inspiring and has a huge impact on our school community which in turn positively affects our lives. The reason that he is such a great role model to us is because of his passion for what he loves to do, teach. Mr Breese always encourages each and every student to participate in school and extra-curricular activities. He teaches us about house spirit and life lessons, he always has a smile on his face and he always participates in anything to do with the school. All of his enthusiasm rubs off onto his students and inspires them to strive for excellence. We all appreciate the way he motivates us to do that little bit more at every Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics Carnival, and inside the classroom, improving our self-esteem and confidence.

By Katy and Eden.

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith is part of the Trinity Lutheran College community, she runs the whole Performing Arts Department. She encourages students to get involved in cultural activities and to express themselves and be more confident in themselves.

She is a role model to anyone who wants to be able to express themselves without feeling judged. She helps and understands students to overcome any problem no matter what they are. She doesn’t worry about what people think and she is just herself. She is so talented and inspires anyone who wants to be a performer.

Overall she is such a good person and teacher with a massive heart and we all love her.

By Mia Winter.

Ms. Smith is an Amazing Australian local. She inspires us with her amazing performing arts abilities. She gives us confidence when we need it the most, especially when we are performing. If you are ever feeling down Ms. smith is right there to cheer you up and make you laugh. She amazes us with her incredible piano-playing ability. These are the reasons why we love Ms. Smith and why we are very grateful that she is working at our school. She is the awesome classic Aussie

By Shelby and Amelia.

Mrs Hipgrave

Mrs Hipgrave is a great role model because she is always helping out with water polo and helping out whenever she can. She helps out a lot in water polo, setting up all of the events and competitions. Mrs Hipgrave always encourages us to start playing water polo and to start swim training. She is always laughing and being funny and she is kind to everyone.

By Daniel W and Kiam

Mr Gentle

Mr Gentle is a great role model and a excellent candidate for the Australian of the Year award. He leads in Kokoda, water polo and in his classroom. He is a great role model and has taught his students important life lessons as well as subjects.

By Daniel W and Kiam

Mr Gentle is a fun but also strict teacher. He volunteered to coach the water polo and rowing team and went on the Year 10 camp last year. He always explained everything really well and persevered until we understood it. Mr Gentle is a very nice teacher.

By Abby and Thamara.

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