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Our Class of 1998 20-Year Reunion

Trinity places great emphasis on building strong, close and lasting relationships with the families it partners with. The college has always been synonymous with community, and our alumni are a vital component of this community. The formative years of childhood are spent at school – it is where we meet our friends, are inspired by teachers and learn about a world beyond our experience. The schools we attend as a young people are woven into our adult identities.

It is for this reason that we hold cohort reunions every 10 and 20 years allowing alumni to reconnect with one another and with some of their teachers. It is always rewarding for teachers to see how their students have grown and developed, knowing they have contributed.

Our Class of 1998 recently had their 20-year reunion at SALT Cafe and Bar and enjoyed a great evening catching up over delicious food and drinks. Our Class of 2008 10-year reunion takes place in October and we hope as many of this cohort as possible are able to attend. We also warmly invite all our alumni to our Friends of Trinity Foundation Ball in October where we will be launching our significant ten year Masterplan Project, as we seek to reconnect with our wonderful past students and their families and make them part of our college's future, not just its past.


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