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As our Grade 12s start the new school year they find themselves facing an exciting but also demanding year ahead, and one that will mark the end of a substantial part of their lives thus far, their thirteen-year school journey. It is therefore so important that they are provided with the opportunity to connect as a cohort to support one another through the year, and to take stock of where they are at and plan for both the year ahead and their future beyond Trinity. This is the goal of annual Year 12 Retreat that takes place at the start of Term 1.

In Week Two of this term our Class of 2018 all piled into the bus early on Monday morning and made the two-hour trip to Luther Heights Youth Camp at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. The distance really allowed them to escape all the pressures of school and focus on their goals for the year ahead.

The retreat is a combination of sessions, some run by the specially trained Luther Heights Staff, which are specifically focused on our individual needs as a Year 12 cohort, and other alternate sessions which are run by Head of Year, Mr Petty. Throughout the camp all sessions focus deliberately on bonding the group together, future planning, discussions, reflection and general issues that the Year 12s will face throughout their year and beyond.

Beyond tackling these big life issues, and setting goals for the year ahead, the students always have lots of fun too, and the staff at Luther Heights Youth Camp were outstanding in their running of team activities and bonding sessions. Definite highlights were the Beach Frontier, Trust Building activities and Flying Fox. Students also appreciated some well-earned down time to relax and unite as a cohort, and each evening they enjoyed a mix of various card games, table tennis, and volley ball.

A very special thank you must go to the teachers who gave up their family time and enjoyed the company of the Year 12 students while supervising them on this camp; Mr Petty, Mr Emmerson, Mrs Pukallus, and Mr Braiden.

Last, but definitely not least, big congratulations to our 2018 Year 12 cohort for their representation of Trinity. Each student fully embraced every opportunity on offer so as to make the most of their last year at Trinity and to positively impact on the culture of our wonderful college. We wish them every success for the big year ahead.

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