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New Early and Junior Years STEM Program

"STEM education enables students to develop solutions to complex problems and provides them with literacies and capabilities that will help them succeed in a world of technological change. As future innovators, educators, researchers and leaders, it is important that students develop the skills required to compete on a global scale." QCAA STEM in Queensland schools

STEM is a new learning area for our students in the Early and Junior Years at Trinity. An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM includes the knowledge and skills specific to each of the four disciplines plus the inter-relationship between them. The aim of this new, exciting learning area is to provide authentic opportunities for students to work within each of the STEM disciplines and promote 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Our Prep - Year 5 students will have timetabled STEM lessons throughout two of the four terms each year. When not involved in the STEM program students will have Art timetabled with Mrs Val Lewis. Our STEM program on the Cotlew Campus will include a range of learning activities embedded into the current year level programs. Some of the exciting learning opportunities will include science experiments, coding, robotics, construction challenges, collecting and analysing data, identifying issues and designing real-world solutions. Through the learning experiences in STEM students will participate in collaborative challenges that will develop their communication and self-management skills. In conjunction with our BYOD program and iPads in the Junior year levels, students will develop their digital literacy skills with a focus on coding, animation, game development and web design. Students will also learn to become more deliberate with their thinking through the use of mathematical problem solving strategies, engineering design cycle processes and scientific testing.

Over the last 18 months Mrs Kym Oestreich has worked closely with year level teams to embed design challenges into units of work and introduce Coding and Maker Space groups in the Library and JHub. Middle Years families will be familiar with the popular STEAM elective developed by Ms Sarah Jones and the Science, Art and Technology teams on the Ashmore Road Campus. My role as STEM teacher on the Cotlew Campus will be to continue to provide integrated, authentic learning within the STEM disciplines to support and extend the Units of Inquiry and Mathematics programs here at Trinity.

I look forward to working with all of our amazing Prep to Year 5 students throughout 2019.

Mr Danny MacKenzie

STEM Teacher - Early and Junior Years


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