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Mayor’s Student Ambassador Program

Recently our College Vice-Captain, Jake Goodall, was inducted into the Mayor’s Student Ambassador Program. This program is an extremely prestigious one and is designed to build and strengthen relationships between the Gold Coast community and the student population through cultural and social inclusion. A Mayor's Student Ambassador must share their Gold Coast story with the world.

Jake was selected from over 100 applicants, along with 29 other students ranging in ages from 16-36 years. Jake is one of only three high school students selected, the rest of the participants are from tertiary institutions. The program’s objective is to show off the Gold Coast as the best study destination in Australia and around the world. The Ambassador program is in its 5th year and since its’ inception, the program has seen 29 international students from diverse backgrounds experience a host of fun adventures and engage with local government and Study Gold Coast initiatives giving them a chance to explore prospective employment pathways, further study opportunities and self-development.

The 2018 team has 30 members from over 15 different countries and 110 nationalities and, as participants of this program, their job will be to engage in adventurous activities, attend government, community and industry events and then share their experiences with the world through storytelling on social media. They have to post three social media posts a week, documenting their life as students on the Gold Coast. They must also produce two feature articles which will both be featured in the Study Gold Coast news. The ambassadors have many engagements and activities throughout the year, such as: Meeting international delegates, attending Commonwealth Games events, Night Quarter backstage, Southport Sharks experience and many others.

We wish Jake all the very best for this exciting assignment. Remember to follow Jake’s journey on Instagram @jake_goodall1403 and don't forget to use the hashtag #studygoldcoast


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