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Long-term Education Vision Needed this Election

This is the last of three articles provided by Independent School Queensland in light of the State Election taking place this Saturday, 25 November 2017. Once again we hope that, as parents of children attending an independent school, you will find the information provided both helpful and relevant

During the 2017 State Election campaign more than 50,000 Year 12s will graduate from Queensland schools. During their short lives these young people have witnessed more versions of the iPhone than state elections. Change is a constant companion for these members of the iGeneration and will be for life with predications they will face 17 jobs over five careers.

If this is the future that awaits today’s graduates, what will it hold for our youngest Prep students who will graduate in 2029? This is a question we should all be urging politicians to consider carefully when framing the content and horizon of their education policy commitments this election. With education accounting for almost 25 percent of the Queensland Budget, it demands priority attention.

Decisions governments make about education today matter even more tomorrow. Building new infrastructure to accommodate growth requires careful long-term planning as does ensuring every child receives the necessary support to have the literacy and numeracy skills required in a global and uncertain future.

Parents fund the majority of the costs for independent schools such as ours through the payment of fees. You as parents are making a significant financial contribution to school education and a valuable investment in schooling. The existence of independent schools saves the taxpayer over $1 billion annually in Queensland. This is the extra cost to taxpayers if all students currently enrolled in independent schools went to state schools.

Independent schools like ours have and will continue to make a significant contribution to the social and economic future of this state.

All children deserve a fair and equitable level of support from their State Government, regardless of the school they attend. Ongoing recurrent and capital support for non-state schools are among the key commitments independent schools are seeking from the next Queensland Government. Independent Schools Queensland has created a dedicated 2017 State Election web page to keep schools and their communities informed about the latest election policy announcements on education.

I encourage all members of our school community to be informed about the policy commitments of the candidates in the election and if you have the chance, to let candidates know of the important role played by our school in educating our future generations.

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