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What fun was had at the P&F Trivia Night last Friday. The Trinity Family really rocks!

A very big thank-you must go to Trivia Guru Carole Morris for her extraordinary efforts in running the Trivia Night. We are so appreciative of all the time, thought and effort she put into every question, the round themes and the PowerPoint slides. The night would definitely not have been the success it was without Carole’s expertise and enthusiasm in working the crowd. Thank you once again Carole for hosting this night for us and our community. It was fantastic to see so many staff, alumni and past as well as present parents out in force, a true reflection of the strength of our community.

The Robert Hoff Community Hall was wonderfully decked out in all things Australian thanks to the creative efforts of Kathy Cherrier, Eta Graham and Rachel Coutinho and we are so grateful for all the hard work they put into creating such a festive vibe. Thank you too to all the parents and staff who supported this event, dragging in your eskies, baking up a buffet storm and mostly for bravely pulling together your flamboyant "Aussie" costumes, all after a busy working day. There are some disturbingly hilarious images that cannot be easily erased!

This awesome event offered a great opportunity for the school and local community to come together and have an enormous amount of fun - dressing up, dancing and showing how clever you really are! Here is to 2019 being even bigger and better.

Lea Fitzpatrick

P&F Auxiliary President


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