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Lest We Forget: Honouring ANZAC Day 2018

At Trinity, we use ANZAC Day as an opportunity to teach our students respect for what has been, and respect for others. ANZAC Day commemorates sacrifice, it shows mateship at its finest and it is part of what has brought countries together. For our students, it opens their eyes to see how people work together. With each opportunity that we have to demonstrate respect, we have an opportunity to help our students develop. Each time we observe a tradition, our students appreciate what has come before. For every student that participates in commemorating ANZAC day, they feel the pride of being part of a community and they understand, appreciate and respect this important part of our Australian heritage. The special Chapel services held at both campuses each year are significant events in our calendar

The focus for our Ashmore Road ANZAC Day ceremony was the commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, fought from the 24 to 25 April 1918. This battle was arguably the most successful one that Australians fought on the Western Front. In April of 1918, Villers-Bretonneux was under German occupation. The Germans planned to push out and capture more land and, with Villers-Bretonneux as a base, there was a strong possibility they could take Amiens and the war would be lost. It was under such high stakes that Australia and France forged an enduring bond. British command assigned the important operation to two Australian brigades. The plan was that at night-time the Australians would encircle the German Army during a surprise attack on the evening of the 24th of April, exactly, 100 years ago. Through the night, heavy losses were recorded, 1200 Australians died in the re-capture of the village. By the early hours of the morning of the 25th, the Australians had heroically retaken Villers-Bretonneux, marking the end of the German offensive at the Somme.

We also remembered Sean McCarthy, one of our own past students, who graduated from Trinity in the year 2000, joined the army in 2001 and died serving in Afghanistan in 2008. Sean’s awards and commendations for service include: The SOCAUST commendation, an Australian Defense Medal for service, The International Coalition Against Terrorism Clasp, The Afghanistan Campaign Medal, A NATO Medal and a Return from Active Service Badge.

Our Junior Years ANZAC service focused on what ANZAC stands for and how ANZAC day is our opportunity to reflect and be grateful for our freedom, our friendships, our loved ones and our opportunities.

This year, a number of Trinity students also attended the very moving Southport RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service. The students took part in the march from the eastern end of Short St down to Anzac Park, Marine Parade. They laid beautiful wreaths at the cenotaph to remember those who have fallen for our freedom. We plan to continue to attend this special service in the years to come.

A very big thank you to all the staff and students who played a part in the Anzac Day assemblies as well as those who attended the Southport RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service.


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