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INTRODUCING JHUB - Our New Makerspace and STEAM lab on our Junior Years campus.


“Can we create something?”

“C’mon… let’s make something”

“I just LOVE boxes… I would like to make the biggest box house ever!”

Just a few immediate, authentic and enthusiastic student reactions overheard this term, as they entered the JHUB, our new Cotlew Campus Maker space and STEAM lab located within the Cotlew campus library.

During these earliest days as the space has begun to evolve; the provision of time, space and simple materials during lunch breaks has already ignited imaginations and produced projects that have used creative, collaborative and critical thinking. JHUB has hummed with the activity of 20 to 35 students each day making, creating and thinking.

We have a clear vision, that the JHUB will provide a “hands-on” place for our students to be curious, explore ideas, design, experiment, make, construct and deconstruct. There will be a strong focus on imagination, invention, problem-solving and creative approaches to thinking and design.

Projects and experiences will be flexible and varied as we also envision that the space will respond to student interests as well as inspire new investigation and interests. This notion of discovery, choice and the freedom to create and “make” is exactly what makes JHUB exciting and “wonder” full!

As we move forward, JHUB will provide space, time, and a growing bank of materials for extra-curricular and DIY experiences as well as integrated Australian curriculum and POI opportunities. Emphasis will be placed on the skills of “Makers” and “STEAM” experiences (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) including coding and robotics opportunities. It will offer low and high tech, digital, plugged, unplugged and craft opportunities. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the inclusion of permanent features (Lego walls etc.) and flexible workstation opportunities during the year.

Importantly however, it is not a space that is isolated from classroom or life experiences but as the word “hub” would suggest a centre or place of focus from which to take, gain, share or extend experiences and inspiration.

We would welcome your support, feedback or inquiry about JHUB.


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