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Inspiring our children to create the future

Our students were greeted with many upgrades upon returning to the new academic year. These facility upgrades provide the students with modern and contemporary resources to learn and grow.

Last week, our teachers were inspired by our guest speaker, Tony Ryan, a futurist who speaks regularly at large conferences on the topic of future education. In his latest book, Mr Ryan stated that, “agile workers who are quick to respond to change will thrive in this fast-paced environment” (Ryan, 2008:35). He argued that education needs to focus on developing capabilities such as adaptability and critical thinking which are pertinent in preparing and enabling our children to find employment in an unknown future. Preparing for an unknown future, therefore requires that we raise the rigour of the curriculum so as to inspire our students to reach their own fullest potential and not to settle for mediocracy.Take Rocket Lab who just this week successfully launched its Electron Rocket into orbit from its private launch range in New Zealand who knows what our children will be doing in 10 or even 5 years time!

To tackle the rigour of learning, our students need to develop resilience and perseverance because these are the key characteristics of those who are able to face the challenges of tough and difficult concepts or learning episodes and still retain their composure and confidence, and rise to the challenge.

Of course, last but not least, our students are taught respect. They learn how to work with others respectfully and function in our society as respectful and contributing citizens. Trinity is committed to embracing this exciting time in education where we are teaching our students to create their future rather than being passive consumers of information and knowledge.

Parents will soon have the opportunity to visit our newly furbished Years 6 and 7 innovative learning spaces ( see below for artistic impressions of our new classrooms) which engage the head, heart and hand so watch this space...

Mrs Tsae Wong, Principal.


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