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HundrED’s Youth Forum: Giving Youth a Voice Amid COVOD-19 Global Pandemic

Year 11 student, Daniel Einhorn recently represented Trinity at a global student forum organised by HundrED. Students from all around the globe came together in a live discussion about the impact of school shutdowns and social distancing while being required to take ownership of their learning. The workshop was designed to give students a voice, allowing us to listen and identify how students around the world are coping and how they are redefining learning for themselves. Students were asked a number of key questions.

  • What are students tolerating?
  • What are students appreciating?
  • What are students learning from this new normal?
  • How will this transform the way they learn as young people?
  • What is their one piece of advice for teachers post pandemic?

Collectively, students are struggling with the social isolation, missing friends and freedoms but they are appreciating spending more time with family and having time to reflect. They are learning the importance of adaptability, flexibility and independence. Students identified that they are transforming into more self-directed learners who are appreciative of what they have. Their advice to teachers is to take it slow and to show empathy for students as they return to school.

Daniel found the forum an interesting experience, especially being able to experience virtually people from so many different cultures and their takes on the pandemic. Our thanks to Daniel for being Trinity’s voice in the 50-student strong coalition from over 30 countries around the world. This is such important work as we continue to provide the best learning experiences for our students during these uncertain times.

Mrs Jen Gibb

Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Years 6 - 12

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