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Have you heard the media reports on the fidget spinner toy that has had widespread popularity with school children, resulting in psychologists, scientists, teachers and schools engaging in the debate as to whether they should be allowed at schools?

Have you been aware of the recent television series, “13 Reasons Why” or the online game/App, “Blue Whale”, drawing media attention globally and locally. This media attention has exposed our impressionable youth to risky suicide content that they may not yet be ready to process and may lead to distressing and unproductive reactions.

These incidents remind teachers and parents to stay informed of popular youth culture so as to be able to make informed decisions and provide practical support to the young people in our community. We need to be vigilant about what our children and students watch online or on TV, and the types of games or entertainment they engage in. We need to monitor and dialogue with them about their readiness and maturity to watch certain programs. Should parents feel that their children are ready to access certain challenging and possibly depressing content, as previously mentioned, it is always advisable to watch these programs with them. This enables you to engage in discussions with them that will help them make sense of the content and how it relates to our world and societal values. Our families are always welcome to contact college staff such as our college counselor or a member of the pastoral care team, to discuss any support they might need in this regard at any time.

On the matter of fidgeting and tools to assist with concentration, research has shown that some children use fidgeting as a coping mechanism and certain tools do help them to stay focused and calm. Consequently, they are appropriate for home use if they are helpful for children due to their specific learning needs or personal circumstances. However, not all children need such tools. In the classrooms and playground, in consultation with their teachers, there are other tools and strategies that the students can use to ensure that their personal and learning needs are met. We encourage our parents to discuss their child or children's unique learning needs or circumstances with their teachers or a member of the learning enhancement team at our college.

The pace of change in our world is accelerating. At Trinity, with our close communication, strong partnership and a collective commitment to grow strong and healthy students, we aim to ensure that all our students thrive under such holistic care.

There are several web sites listed below which provide wonderful resources for parents. Useful websites:

Kids helpline:
ABC Life Matters:
Time Inc. Money:

At Trinity, we place great value on the close communication and partnership we have with our families in the education of our students, as through this we are able to grow resilient, happy and positive young people.

Principal, Tsae Wong


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