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Gratitude – It is more blessed to give than to receive

Welcome back to Term 2!

We welcome a number of new families to both campuses this term, Mrs Bodero who returns from long service leave and new staff member, Mrs Amanda Kennedy to Team Trinity.

Term 1 ended a little abruptly with Cyclone Debbie’s onslaught to the South-Eastern Queensland. I thank the staff, parents and children for their co-operation and support in acting swiftly to ensure the safety of everyone. Staff and students of our Ashmore Road campus braved the weather to be at school for our Shave for a Cure event, coming in to shave their heads or cut their hair short. They raised in excess of $16 000! I also thank the families who attended to support them. Shave for a Cure is the main fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation. Our community once again demonstrated the Head, Heart and Hand metaphor representing the values of the college.

With Easter weekend just passed and ANZAC week just ahead, we are reminded of how privileged we all are to live in a country where we are relatively safe and secure. Our soldiers have sacrificed their lives, and the sanctuary of home and family to serve and protect Australia. Our SES volunteers, fire fighters and police all put their lives at risk on a daily basis to serve and save others.

The Bible in Acts 20:35 states that “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive” which teaches that there is joy in the act of giving when it is done with pure motives. It promotes our own peace.

Recent educational research in education on schools has branched from positive psychology focussing on students’ wellbeing to developing their sense of gratitude. I came across this journal article on how teaching our youth gratitude can lower the costs of materialism. I have extracted the concluding discussion on the research team’s finding below:

As gratitude involves wanting what one has rather than having what one wants, instilling a sense of gratitude may help people appreciate the gifts of the moment and experience freedom from past regrets and future anxieties. With gratitude comes the realization that happiness is not contingent upon materialistic happenings in one’s life, but rather from being embedded in caring networks of giving and receiving.”

Froh, J.J, Emmons, R. A., Card, N. A., Bon, G. Wilson, J. A. (2015, p. 300).

The lessons from the bible, as well as from this research, remind parents who teach their children about the value of the material things they are given, to focus on instilling gratitude in their current states because true happiness is not found in material things but in sharing our gifts, talents and possessions with those who need them more. Our Lord and Saviour gave us the greatest gift of all, taking our sin and sacrificing Himself on the cross so that we can have live in relationship with our wonderful creator and God, and receive the gift of eternal life. We can all be grateful for our eternal and abundant lives with God through Jesus Christ.

Principal, Tsae Wong


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