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FAITH FOUNDATIONS... A strong foundation.

You might remember hearing the story in the Bible of the foolish builder - the man that thought that building his house on a block of sand was a great idea. Now, if you know anything about building, you know that the foundations need to be firmly secured - and a substrate of sand is not secure at all!! Of course, his house fell down and washed away as soon as the rain came along. The wise builder, however, knew that he needed to build on solid rock to make sure his house would remain standing. And so his house weathers the storms (You can read the full story in Matthew 7:24-27). The point here is we need to make sure that we have strong foundations, to correctly build our "house" (our life). As a part of Trinity Lutheran College community, we have that opportunity every single day.

From time to time, we have extra opportunities outside of classroom experience, to extend our knowledge and grow in our faith. I am very excited this term to be working with a small group of Middle School students who are keen to learn more about the Life of Jesus. Not just from an academic point of view, but from a personal perspective as well. We are digging deep and looking at our foundations - and giving God the chance to help us build them strongly! The Faith Foundations group is always open to new members, so if you are interested in knowing more, please ensure you send me an email at

God bless,

Chaplain Janice.

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