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Every Child has a Different Learning Style and Pace. Each Child is Unique, Not Only Capable of Learning But Also Capable of Succeeding - Robert John Meehan.

It is pertinent to write about Learning Enhancement at Trinity as it is embedded in current College-wide Prep to Year 12 practices in order to provide consistency of practice across the whole college in line with the strategic goals of being collaborative, proudly inclusive, and systemic with targeted evidence-based focused learning. It offers a holistic approach to service delivery where there is a clear collaborative partnership between the class teacher (planning documentation and pedagogy); teacher aide support; Learning Enhancement team; administration; and parents and carers. Authentic to inclusive practices, it aligns with the college’s ethos and Christian beliefs. By encouraging a culture of collective responsibility for the achievement of high academic standards by all learners we are creating a connected learning community where success is available to all and “I can do it too” is the mantra.

The college aims to provide targeted differentiation based on where the students are academically and the implementation of teaching strategies to meet the learning needs of the individual students.Trinity is blessed with dedicated, hardworking and highly credentialed teachers. Learning enhancement works to assist teachers to support students in their existing classrooms so collectively we can help all students to experience success in their learning. Students are timetabled for lessons in Learning Enhancement, attending these sessions for academic monitoring, homework and assignment support.

In order to further meet the needs of students as they progress through to senior school, a targeted individualised approach is required. A team of teachers with specialist knowledge work with parents and individual students to explore, identify, plan and implement a unique pathway leading to authentic qualifications relevant to the current workplace. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. For some students learning takes place through practical experience at school or in the workplace. Certificate courses can can be the most pertinent route for students who would otherwise find highly academic courses challenging. With practical hands-on style learning these courses allow students to achieve success in their chosen area and provide them with real world experience and work ready qualifications. They will go on to be successful in the area they are passionate about.
At Trinity there are several examples where students have been able to access their work experience on campus.

In 2016 two year 9 students expressed an interest in the field of horticulture. Following consultation with the principal Mrs Wong and the Head of Grounds and Maintenance, a practical learning experience was planned for the students. The students researched, planned and documented the development of two raised garden beds for the purposes of growing herbs and vegetables. Both students were timetabled to engage in this special project and were supported by grounds staff. They sited and prepared the raised beds, planted and tended to three varieties of basil, carrots, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes, green beans and chillies. They also harvested lemons from the lemon trees on campus. Once grown, the herbs and other produce was picked and packaged. Staff could avail of the produce for a gold coin donation. One of the students will continue this project by working for a whole day of work experience with ground staff. External agencies will come on board to support the student to develop work ready skills and to access a Certificate 11 in Horticulture. Through the development of these links to the community other students have been able to benefit from the individual support on offer in relation to the Certificate 11 in Hospitality. A year 12 student will graduate this year due to the links Trinity has to external agencies in the community that support young people in the efforts to be successful global citizens.

At Trinity we believe every child is a unique child of God and can achieve their personal best when on the right pathway. This can be achieved with teamwork and the keen efforts of the young person.

Written by Dr Angela Vance, Head of Learning, Learning Enhancement P-12.

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