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Educating our students to create the future!

Preparing a child for the world that doesn’t yet exist is not an easy task for any teacher. What exactly are the critical 21st-century skills every student needs to survive and succeed in our world? What abilities and traits will serve them in a world that’s changing and developing so rapidly?

Today’s students are complex, challenging and highly tech-savvy. They want to be challenged and inspired in their learning. They want to collaborate and work with their peers. They want to incorporate the technology they love into their classroom experiences as much as they can. In a nutshell, they have just as high a set of expectations of their educators as their educators have of them.

At Trinity Lutheran College our focus is not on educating our students for the future but on educating them to create the future. As our Principal, Mrs Tsae Wong so succinctly put it “as an educational institution, we need to keep abreast of the changes in the world and be nimble and responsive to those shifts that would impact on our students’ future of work and life so that our graduates have brighter prospects and pathways after Year 12.”

To this end we are expanding the area of digital learning and innovation in conjunction with developing our students’ soft or interpersonal skills. While specific hard skills are necessary for any position, employers are increasingly looking for job applicants with particular soft skills. This is because, while it is easy for an employer to train a new employee in a particular hard skill, it is much more difficult to train an employee in a soft skill for example collaboration and communication.

During the first week of the school holidays, some of our students were involved in a Coding, Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills Development day. Students designed and created their own app of the future; exploring design, user appeal and the technology available to develop their ideas. Students also participated in a number of soft skill development sessions, learning the importance of connection and collaboration, how to build and establish new relationships, effective marketing techniques and how to communicate confidently and effectively.

The culmination of the day’s experiences saw the students preparing and then presenting a "pitch" of their own app to potential investors, or end users; in reality, their parents. In doing this, students clearly demonstrated their learning and their awareness of the importance of being confident and well informed when pitching a new concept to an audience in an entrepreneurial world.

The event was co-hosted by the Trinity Library, Trinity Digital Learning Department and iYouth. A big thank you goes out to Mrs Merifield, Mrs Ainsworth, Mr Mason and Mr Wilkinson for organizing and supporting the event.

We have a number of further exciting initiatives on offer to our students which include:

Thursday Afternoons

  • App Design Workshop by Gerard Grundy - $100 per student 8 week course on coding and app creation – Research, Planning, Design, Creation, Reflection and Pitch. Commences Week 2
  • Entrepreneurship Technology Focus – iYouth Partnership – Cost $325 runs over 12 weeks – commences September. Students will Research, Planning, Design, Creation, Reflection and Pitch to a board of entrepreneurs. If accepted the idea will be funded and be put into production! This is the first partnership iYouth have done with a school or college of this nature as they were originally running this at Bond University.
  • Surfboard Design workshop - 7 week course to commence week 3. Students will research, and design a surfboard through a Research, Planning, Design. End product is a workable CNC model that could be sent to a CNC machine for cutting, finishing and then glassing. Run by Greg Wilkinson

Monday and Wednesday Lunch Times from week 2

  • On Mondays Mrs Karen Ainsworth will run a T-shirt Design Workshop.
  • On Wednesdays Mr Greg Wilkinson will run a Plan and Design Your Own App workshop.


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