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Dressed by Jaz!

Jasmine Stewart is a 2017 graduate of Trinity Lutheran College. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Entrepreneurship and has already successfully started her own business, Dressed by Jaz - pretty impressive for someone who finished school less than two years ago! Not everyone has the passion and drive to start and build a business but match some key characteristics like passion, persistence, patience, optimism, resilience and good instincts with a great business idea and you have a recipe for success.

We were fortunate to connect with Jasmine recently and gain some insight into her success post school:

When did you attend and graduate from Trinity?

I am a Prep to Year 12 Trinity student and graduated at the end of 2017 - not very long ago at all.

Please briefly describe what have you been up to since graduating from Trinity. How did you start your career and how has your professional journey been so far?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Entrepreneurship at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Shortly after starting my degree, I began hiring out designer items that I already owned. I realised very quickly that there is a large market for this type of business and saw an opportunity to expand. Robert McLeish, the father of a close friend from Trinity, helped me to develop a professional website and I started both an Instagram and a Facebook page for my business. My Instagram page now has over 5500 followers ( and I have over 1000 followers on Facebook ( I have clients Australia widewho are able to book or hire outfits in advance through my booking system.

Tell us something about your family and your interests outside of your career. How do maintain your work-life balance?

Family has always been an important part of my life and who I spend most of my time with. Recently, my older brother Ben Stewart (who also attended Trinity and was a graduate of the Class of 2010), welcomed a gorgeous little girl into the world and she definitely gets the better half of any spare time I have.

What are some of your fondest memories of your time at Trinity?

The bonds I made not only with my peers, but also with my teachers. I amone of many in my cohort who have maintained those nurturing relationships post school and who regularly keep in touch with our teachers from Trinity.

What do you believe makes Trinity a great school?

The community, the family environment, and on-going support from the teachers and members of staff.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My business, Dressed by Jaz, being named the #1 Hire boutique in Queensland in less than 12 months of operation!

How did your experiences at Trinity (e.g., academic studies, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care) prepare you for life after school and for your planned future career?

During my senior years at Trinity I studied a mix of business and arts subjects (as well of course as Math and English) which have undoubtedly had an influence on the industries I am working in today, namely the fashion industry and my chosen field of study (law and entrepreneurship). The subjects I chose and the extracurricular activities I participated in at school enabled me to have interests across a wide range of disciplines and ensured I was not limited when choosing career prospects.

Do you think Trinity produces global graduates that can compete internationally?

Undeniably, the skills I learnt during my time at Trinity and which I have utilised after graduating have enabled me to expand my business into an international market and compete with some of the best in the designer rental markets globally, and I am sure these skills will continue to benefit me in the future.

What are your future aspirations?

To be passionate about, and committed to whatever future career I end up pursuing, whether that be in the legal profession or something else.

What role can the Alumni play in the success and development of Trinity Lutheran College?

Alumni have experienced firsthand the incredible benefits Trinity offers and we can provide guidance across a wide range of areas to current students’ with a variety of career aspirations.

Advice to students who aspire to succeed?

Do what you love because if you love what you do, you will succeed.


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