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Developing International Mindedness and the Ability to See Things from More than Our Own Perspective.

During the most recent school holidays, Trinity embarked on its biannual Japan trip, 20 years on from the first one that went in 1996. International trips like these allow our students to be immersed within the language and the culture of the foreign language they are learning at school as well as the ability to see things from more than their own perspective enabling them to be more open-minded and therefore more internationally-minded. It gives those involved memorable experiences that will last a lifetime, like Year 10 student Jasmine Mills writes:

“On the last Thursday of term, a mix of 10 Year 9 and Year 10 students alongside Mrs Day and Mrs Haines arrived in Japan eager to begin what would be a memorable, enjoyable and educational two-and-a-half-week trip. When hearing of the opportunity to travel to Japan, all 10 of us jumped at the idea of getting to experience the culture of the language we’re studying firsthand whilst simultaneously extending our language skills. Spending one week with our sister school and the rest of our time travelling around, we got to fully immerse ourselves in Japan and the Japanese way of life. From traditional tea ceremonies to running around Tokyo Disneyland, every day was jam-packed with at least one new thing to learn or get involved with. It was an incredible trip and one that we will all cherish forever. We cannot thank Mrs Day and Mrs Haines enough for giving us this opportunity.”


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