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Developing a Heart for Others

An important aspect of a Trinity education, and one that is developing and growing, is the area of service learning. We believe in teaching our students the importance of the role they have to play in our community, in society and in our country, and we believe in opening their eyes and hearts to those who are less fortunate.

In Term 2, all Junior Years staff researched service learning and ways to serve the Gold Coast community with the aim of sharing this with the students and encouraging them to find their own way to serve the community. As such, Mrs Traecey decided to become a volunteer (Pyjama Angel) for the Pyjama Foundation's Love of Learning program. Children in care have the lowest education outcomes nationally and this contributes to a lifetime of disadvantage. Through the Love of Learning program, Pyjama Angels are recruited, screened, trained and then matched with a child in care and spend time with them once a week, focusing on learning-based activities. Pyjama Angels read books aloud with their child, play educational games and help children with their homework. In that time, they demonstrate that this child is valued and loved, improve their learning skills and make a positive life-long impact.

The Pyjama Foundation and the role that the foundation plays in supporting the education of children in care was shared with our Junior Years students. From this, they understood why they were being allowed to wear their pyjamas to school on Friday 21 July, and why they were being asked to donate a gold coin. This fun day was thus underpinned by an empathy for children less fortunate and a knowledge of how privileged they are to have the opportunities they do.

We hope to share more of our service learning stories with you in the coming months.


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