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Creative Workshops and George’s Marvellous Medicine - Year 3 is just AWESOME

On Tuesday 23 October, as part of their How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry, Year 3 students participated in a variety of creative workshops after school. They had lots of fun dancing, singing, acting and drawing. A yummy picnic pizza dinner at school followed the workshops, much to the excitement of all the Year 3 students.

After that, students eagerly jumped onto the bus to travel to the ‘Home of the Arts’ to view a performance, based on Roald Dahl’s popular book, George’s Marvellous Medicine. The story told of a curious and mischievous boy, who wanted to teach his greedy and mean grandma a lesson by giving her his own marvellous medicine. Some of the words the children used to describe the performance were entertaining, clever, fantastic, exciting and of course, marvellous! Students were able to recognise a number of elements of drama used by the actors to express thoughts, ideas and inject contemporary humour into the storyline.

The following day, students reflected on their show experience. What a fantastic show! Special thanks to Mrs Oestreich, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Eadie, Miss Becquet and Miss Miyoni for sharing their expertise with us.


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