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We are always so excited and proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our remarkable graduates, and one such graduate is Dr Rhys Thomas who graduated from Trinity in 2008. Rhys has achieved wonderful success in his ten years post Trinity and we are delighted to share some of his story with you.

When did you attend and graduate from Trinity?

I started at Trinity in 2000 and graduated in 2008.

Tell us a little about yourself (Academic Qualifications and Achievements).

Since graduating from Trinity, I have completed a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (BSc/MBBS) at the University of Queensland. I graduated with these degrees in 2014. I currently work as a doctor at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, am an Associate Lecturer at UQ and am completing my training in psychiatry.

Tell us something about your interests outside of work.What do you enjoying doing in your down time?

I enjoy going for a drive through the mountains outside Brisbane when I am not working.

What are some of your fondest memories of your time at Trinity?

My fondest memory of my time at Trinity is getting to go on the German Trip. Not only did I have the experience of a lifetime, I also made some lifelong friends! I have now had the opportunity to visit twice, and had my exchange partners visit me too.

What do you believe makes Trinity a great school?

Trinity provides opportunity no matter your path. Be it academic, vocational, sporting or creative pursuits, Trinity will help you along the path that best suits you.

Please briefly describe what have you been up to since graduating from Trinity - how did you start your career and how has your professional journey been so far?

After graduating from Trinity, I went straight to university and moved to Brisbane. I immersed myself in the campus culture at UQ and had some amazing experiences in leadership roles within the medical student community. Since finishing Medicine at uni, I have been based mostly at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH). I initially started my training in Emergency Medicine and have also worked in three rural communities - Mitchell, Kingaroy and Roma. I even got to work with the Flying Doctor Service, who provide specialist support to rural towns in Queensland, during my time in Roma. I developed an interest in psychiatry over the last couple of years and have begun my training as a psychiatrist. I currently work in a service that specialises in adolescent mental health.

What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

I am most proud of my time in the University of Queensland Medical Society. I was elected President in my final year and this gave me the opportunity to develop my skills as well as meet some pretty amazing people and get involved in advocacy. These days I get to use some of the skills I learnt when advocating for my patients.

How did your experiences at Trinity (e.g. academic studies, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care) prepare you for life after school and for your planned future career?

Being involved in student leadership positions such as House Captain roles gave me a taste for what my future would require of me. In terms of other skills, I would have to say that the debating team should get more credit than it did. Learning to be an effective speaker and communicator is a skill that is vital to my current day to day life.

Do you think Trinity produces global graduates that can compete internationally?

I certainly do, particularly the exchange and language programs which literally give one the opportunity to see the world from a more global perspective.

What are your future aspirations?

At this point I am focused on completing my training as a specialist psychiatrist. I have additional interests in addictions medicine and medical education and training that I would like to pursue. I also believe that the role of a doctor in society is shifting from a position where it was quite dictatorial, to what is now viewed more as an educator or teacher. We provide opportunities for people, working with them to get the best outcome rather than telling them what to do.

What message would you like to give to the present Trinity students as well as the Alumni?

My biggest take home message would be to seize opportunities when they are presented. I would not be where I am today if I had not said "yes" at the right time, in the right place a countless number of times. I believe it is nearly impossible to develop new skills and areas of interest if you do not take the chance to put yourself out of your comfort zone. You will probably enjoy yourself along the way too!


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