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Celebrating 25 Years Together

This year we celebrate 25 years of a sister school relationship with Reitaku Senior High School in Kashiwa, Japan. This means 25 years of mutual friendship including both cultural and language exchange. Whilst I haven’t been part of our school community for the entire life of the program, I have experienced a significant amount of it, and have been fortunate to take many Trinity students to Japan in reciprocal visits to Reitaku over the past 20 years.

Through our relationship we have forged bridges of friendship, peace and understanding and we have enabled our students to experience another culture, and helped each of them to grow and mature as people. Our students have respectively had the opportunity to “learn, see and do” as they have immersed themselves in these two cultures, acquiring new language skills, meeting new people, and trying new foods. Together we have sent and received excellent ambassadors to promote peace and international understanding within our countries.

On November 5 we bid farewell to this year’s International Leadership Course from Reitaku, accompanied by their teacher Mr Hideaki Marushima. They had a great time during their 5-week visit where they did work experience at the Junior Years campus, practiced their English daily in class, cooked Anzac biscuits, cuddled a koala at Currumbin Sanctuary, visited Griffith University and spent quality time with their host families and Australian friends on the weekends. Tears featured prominently on their departure morning.

On behalf of the college we especially thank the host families for welcoming these students into your home and for looking after them so well. I would like to also thank Tyler International for their foresight and continuous organisation and fostering of the program from the very beginning, especially acknowledging Lynn and Kevin Tyler, Angela Tyler and David Loft.

We look forward to the continued future success of this program.

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