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Camp Kokoda!

This year our Year 9 students traveled to Camp Kokoda, in the beautiful setting of Maroon Dam. The philosophy of Camp Kokoda's education programs is that through challenge, people question their pre-set limitations and self-perceptions and grow in confidence, resilience and optimism. Students enjoyed the ‘Challenge by Choice’ opportunities and had an exceptional experience in this unique and stunning location. Below are the reflections of some of our Year 9 students.

Year 9 camp 2017 was an incredibly fun experience, feeling very in control and mature by being able to do everything ourselves: cooking, cleaning, setting up and sleeping in tents. It was all an adventure and the view of the Milky Way from our sleeping bags was incredible. Sitting around the fire was an great bonding experience. #Year9camp #Milkyway #Bonfire #Bonding #Fun

Paige Rice

My highlight of camp was the Giant’s Playground which was an obstacle course up high in the trees. I also really enjoyed roasting marshmallows as this was my very first time doing this. I will remember this camp forever.

Jamie Rosin

Year 9 camp was one of the best experiences ever. The food was good and it was exciting that we got to cook it ourselves. Hiking was outside of my comfort zone but once completed, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. I am glad I went as I learned lots of new things. #2k17camp #campkokoda

Amy Norvock

Camp was amazing. We started out with trepidation but by the end we didn’t want to go home! Activities were exciting and challenging, testing us physically and mentally. Camp nights were another highlight, full of star gazing, cooking over the fire and scary stories. I would definitely go back! #camp2k17 #canoeing #tentlife #campfire #flyingfox #abseiling #crownoises #toby

Samara Sullivan


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