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APS Athletics 2017

Last week the Junior and Senior APS Athletics Teams competed at the APS Track and Field Championships. This event not only serves to crown the champion school within the APS system, but also provides an avenue for selection into the District Athletics Team. Both days began with the traditional pre-carnival breakfast and badge distribution presentation which was well received by all Trinity Athletes. The standard throughout the two days of competition was very high, with many of the APS schools having state and national standard athletes within their roster. The Senior Athletics Team emerged with second place in the Percentage Trophy, whilst Alanasia Malone (first) and Jasmine Meuli (third) placed in the individual age championship. The Junior Athletics Team claimed first place in the Percentage Trophy; Ermin Gugic earned the trophy for the 'Most Outstanding Male Performance of the Carnival' and both Jetty Jenkins and Ermin Gugic broke records and claimed individual age championship awards. The Trinity Athletics Team should be very proud of their collective and individual performances, especially those students who competed in many events throughout the two days of competition. Beyond this, congratulations to the 18 students who have qualified for selection in the District Athletics Team and will contest the South Coast Track and Field Championships in early September.


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