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2017 Year 7 Canberra Trip - Student Reflections

Canberra, what an amazing trip! We got to fly down to the ACT and stay in Jindabyne and Canberra. The snow was great but in my opinion, the War Memorial was better. We saw and visited so many amazing places; both new and old Parliament House, all the Embassies and High Commissions of the world and many more. The AIS was very exciting, we were fortunate to see lots of athletes training and preparing for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Questacon was simultaneously fun and scary, especially going down the big slide. Canberra was definitely my best school camp yet.

Hudson Mackie 7-4

When we got to the airport on Monday full of excitement. I was definitely ready to go to Canberra and see the snow. I found snowboarding very difficult and did experience a cold and wet face plant in the snow. On the bus to Canberra our bus driver told us about a lake with a town underwater which was fascinating. I really enjoyed Questacon and the War Memorial and I learnt a lot about Canberra’s history. The new and old Parliament Houses were really interesting, we learnt how parliament is formed, how it works now and also how it worked 61 years ago. I was the President in the Senate when we did our role play for the passing of a Bill and this meant I had to keep order in the chamber. In the War Memorial we walked through Australia’s history in the war. The closing ceremony was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the Canberra trip and would love to go again.

Olivia Pavloff 7-1

The Year 7 Canberra trip was an exciting and inspirational journey, from the snowfields of Perisher to Parliament House. On the first night we stayed in Jindabyne and took the tube up to the snow. The first sighting of snow was wonderful and was for some, the very first time they had seen it. What an incredible experience for them as they first touched snow, threw their first snowball and rode down their first slope. We raced, we laughed and most importantly we had fun. The National Art Gallery was interesting although some found it a little boring. The Governor General’s house was extraordinary and very lavish and we even got to meet Sir Peter Cosgrove. Parliament House was marvelous and we were fortunate enough to see the Senators in action. All of Questacon was spectacular but my personal favourite was the big slide, which we rode down at astonishing speeds. Lastly we visited AIS and the Australian War Memorial. These, I believe, were the best elements of the trip because we got to expend all of our energy in the games room at the AIS and at the Australian War Memorial we got to place poppies on the wall to recognize the fallen and to pay respects to the people who fought to keep this country beautiful. I would like to thank all the teachers that made this trip possible. It has truly changed our lives in a positive way.

Isaac Haines 7-2

At the airport everyone was elated and ready for the week ahead. My favourite day was Day 2, going to the snow. Seeing snow for the first time was something to remember and it definitely lived up to our expectations. By the end of the day I had built up the courage to go down the big hill and we all had the best time.Day 3 we headed off to new Parliament House. We did a lot of walking around and listening and seeing the Senate, House of Representatives and the history behind Parliament was very interesting. It gave me great perspective as to how our country has developed since Federation. On Day 4 we went to AIS, the War Memorial and the Governor General’s House. AIS was inspirational and this was the activity I had been looking forward to the most so I was disappointed that it was a bit rushed. The War Memorial was another one of my favourite activities having learnt a lot about the Vietnamese perspective on the Vietnamese War. It was very interesting to compare both points of view. On our final day we went to Old Parliament House and Questacon! At Old Parliament House it was amazing to see the architecture and interiors that have changed and the ones that have stayed the same. My favourite part at Questacon was definitely the drop. Overall Canberra has been an inspirational trip and is something the Year 7 cohort will definitely remember.

Katy Markham 7-3


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