Trinity has a fully equipped library on both the Junior Years campus and the Senior Years campus.

Our libraries provide both print and digital resources to reflect the real world of reading and information that surrounds our students. Both libraries are staffed with teacher librarians who have expert knowledge of both literature and information literacy to support students and staff. Additional library staff also assist students whenever they are in the library.

In addition to literature and recreational reading, our college libraries provide strong support for the development of Information Literacy. Being able to confidently recognise the need to acquire information and having the skills to locate, select and use information ethically are essential life long skills for everyone, both during and beyond our years at school. Teacher librarians have a vital role to play in developing the skills and attitudes students require to successfully engage with the information that surrounds them.

Please email either library for any assistance:

Library Opening Hours

  • Cotlew Street campus Library is open Monday to Friday from 8.15am - 3.20pm.
  • Ashmore Road campus Library is open Monday to Thursday from 7.45am - 4.45pm and Friday 7.45am - 3.30pm.

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