There are currently no known cases on COVID-19 in our college and we remain open for our families in line with current legislation and advice from the Queensland Government. Parents may elect to keep their children home during this time as part of the community response to COVID-19 and should notify us of this decision through the normal channels i.e. absentee hotline (ph 5556 8207) or email

We will continue to support the learning of any students opting to stay at home.


  1. Trinity Community Guide to COVID-19
  2. How to talk to your children about COVID-19
  3. How to cope with stress related to COVID-19
  4. I have COVID-19 - Now what?
  5. How to wash your hands properly
  6. Stay up-to-date with the latest information and advice through the new Australian Government Coronavirus app:
    iOS download here:
    Android download here:
    A new WhatsApp channel has also been launched to supply you with the latest information. To access it go to

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