The Friends of Trinity Lutheran College Foundation

"It is such a thrill to still be involved with Trinity. I worked here, my children were schooled here and we have made life long friends here. One of the things I have valued most over the 25 years is the Trinity community spirit. "

- Lorraine Eldridge, Founding teacher and current grandparent

Embracing our Past, Securing our Future

The Friends of Trinity College Foundation is responsible for connecting past and current students, parents and care-givers, faculty, community members, as well as local and national business and industry to come together to assist the College in meaningful ways.

The Foundation ensures a world-class Trinity education; transforming lives and empowering young people to use their learning, gifts and talents to make a difference in the community and in the world; building a relationship lasting from Pre-Prep to Year 12 and into adult life. Established in 2003, the Foundation was responsible for the construction of the Cultural Precinct on the Middle School Campus with a building program funded by individual and corporate donations and gifts to the school. The fruits of those efforts are still enjoyed today and in 2020, the Foundation’s objectives include:

• Uniting the past, present and future College community.

• Engaging with local and national businesses to continue a support relationship with the college.

• Encouraging a spirit of hard work, generosity and philanthropy.

• Ensuring our College continues to be globally connected and innovative in learning.

• Creating a contemporary learning environment for our young people.

• Connecting our College Community beyond the school walls and beyond graduation.

• Generating a spirit of life-long interest in our College to pass on to future generations.

• Supporting the College’s 10-Year Building Master Plan.

Like many independent schools, Trinity depends on the support of the entire community. School fees and government grants contribute but alone are not sufficient to develop new and exciting capital projects, for the benefit of the College community. We encourage you to consider supporting the Foundation. By donating to the Foundation, you contribute to a legacy which will serve not only the students of today, but generations to follow.

The Friends of Trinity Lutheran College Foundation was founded as a Deductible Gifts Recipient (DGR) entity that accepts tax deductible donations and sponsorships.

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