The HUB is a funky open plan area kitted out with comfy soft furnishings and soft warm lighting, providing both a stimulating and a comfortable environment for our Middle and Senior students. It has been designed to cater for our technology-minded learners, and we already have a growing number of students enjoying all it has to offer!

A significant aspect of this program is to encourage peer tutoring where the students are empowered to learn from each other; we have already discovered a number of students who have existing experience and skills to share with their peers.

While the library provides a community space for students to socialise over commercial games during breaks, “The HUB” provides a more definite focus, challenging students to explore computer science, coding, robotics and programming in a relaxed participative environment. Students are involved in choosing the direction of their own collaborative learning. They have begun to explore and investigate the Hour of Code, dismantled a computer and printer to analyse its working parts, assembled some Raspberry Pi and are in the process of re-imaging old hardware to self-fund future projects.

With the skills and knowledge they are building, the students are aiming to build computers using Open-Source code. This will allow them to practice their programming and game development skills in order to set up a machine to play legacy games. Students are hoping that their future projects will also include 3D printing to allow them to create templates for 3D imaging projects in order to create parts for future projects.

Current Opportunities:

Thursday Afternoons:

  • App design Workshop Gerard Grundy - $100 per student 8 week course on coding and app creation – Research, Planning, Design, Creation, Reflection and Pitch. Commences Week 2
  • Entrepreneurship Technology Focus – iYouth Partnership – Cost $325 runs over 12 weeks – commences September. Students will Research, Planning, Design, Creation, Reflection and Pitch to a board of entrepreneurs. If accepted the idea will be funded and be put into production. This is the first partnership iYouth have done with a school or college of this nature and were originally running this at Bond University.
  • Surfboard Design Workshop - 7 week course to commence week 3. Students will research, and design a surfboard through a Research, Planning, Design. End product is a workable CNC model that could be sent to a CNC machine for cutting, finishing and then glassing. Run by Mr Wilkinson

Monday and Wednesday Lunch Times from week 2:

  • Mondays - T-shirt Design Workshop run by Mrs Ainsworth.
  • Wednesdays - Plan and Design Your own APP run by Mr Wilkinson

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