​Instrumental (Band and Strings) Program

Trinity’s instrumental program supports and nurtures musicians from years 2 to 12 and offers a wide and diverse range of orchestral, concert band and contemporary opportunities for music students to complement their academic and private studies. Students that participate in the program learn how to work with a conductor, to listen to other instruments, to blend their sound and how to play with others.

From beginner bands to advance string ensembles, students are taught the value of contribution, to be a part of a team working toward a common goal, to be responsible and disciplined to achieve success and most importantly to have fun through playing music.

String Ensembles:

  • Year 2 Beginner strings
  • Advanced Primary String Ensemble
  • Primary School String Quartet (Select Advanced Students)
  • College Strings (Intermediate Years 6 to 12 Students)
  • String Quartet (Select Advanced Middle School Students)
  • Paganini Strings (Advanced Middle & Senior School Students)

Band Ensembles:

  • Beginner band (Year 4)
  • Primary School Concert Band (Year 5)
  • Concert Band (Intermediate Middle School Students)
  • Wind Symphony (Middle & Senior School Students)
  • Jazz ensemble (Middle School Students)
  • Big Band (Advanced Middle & Senior School Students)
  • Revelation (Chapel) Rock Band (Middle & Senior School students)
  • Flute ensemble (Middle & Senior School Students)
  • Rock Band 1 (Advanced Middle & Senior School Students)
  • Rock Band 2 (Intermediate Middle & Senior School Students)

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