​Dance Program

Trinity’s dance program is committed to developing student’s dance skills across all dance genres including contemporary, jazz and hip hop.The program encourages participation for all skill levels across Prep to Year 12 and promotes creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Through the joy of dance, student’s physical, emotional and social skills are enhanced and students learn the importance of team work, dedication and commitment to giving their best at every rehearsal and performance, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they work together to achieve their goals.

Dance ensembles:

  • Jazzettes (Prep to Year 1)
  • Starlets Primary School Dance (Years 2 & 3)
  • Dynamics Primary School (Years 4 & 5)
  • Primary Sacred Dance (Advanced Primary Dance)
  • The Boyzcrew (Advanced Primary Boys)
  • Locomotives (Intermediate Middle School Students)
  • Danzantes (Select Advanced Middle School Students)
  • Viva (Select Advanced Senior School Students)
  • Senior Sacred Dance Ensemble (Years 6-12) Term 2 only

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